Office Solutions 4 U Client Agreement 2013

Our business partnership will be outlined below.  Upon review of these terms please sign and return to us.  At that point you will be forwarded some additional forms.  These forms include your User Name/Password List, Confidentiality Agreement, and a “hard copy” of our contract. Due to the sensitive nature of these forms, we ask that you please fax or mail them to our office where all forms will be held in strictest confidentiality.


We are independent contractors who partner with clients to assist them in running their business.  We have fully equipped home offices and other spaces out of which we work. We are professional administrators who maintain strict work habits allowing us to be creative and productive.   We must maintain a relationship of mutual trust whereas we will use our skills to implement systems beneficial to you and your business.

Confidentiality and Decisions

All information and decisions are sensitive in nature and will be kept as such by our team.  A client’s work, personal and professional life, and any other information we may be privy to is considered confidential and any breech of that information is considered as terms for dismissal.  We will not speak to anyone about you or your work unless given prior written permission by yourself. An exception to this is contractors working with Office Solutions 4 U to complete a specified project in the context of our business relationship.  Your email will never be sold or distributed in any way to any other source. We have a code of ethics that are standard in our practice and we will never benefit personal gain from any of your business unless authorized to do so.  Decisions are ultimately made by the client,  however, we will be glad to offer input or ideas as our partnership dictates.  We seek to work with you in your business within your specific guidelines.


An estimated time frame for completion will be quoted on each project. Specific deadlines will be greatly appreciated so that we may block our time accordingly and determine priorities.  If we are unable to meet your deadline, you will be notified immediately and other arrangements made.  Last minute requests cannot always be scheduled even though we make every attempt to do so.


If any or all of our team is required to take special training or learn a new skill that applies only to your business, a special fee will be charged and based on time required, fees, etc.  If it is determined that this training will be beneficial to OS4U in the future and may be implemented in our business, no charge will be made.  If we are required to go to your office or another location for training you will be charged at the hourly rate of $25.00 per hour.

Billing and Rates

All rates, including hourly and set, are variable upon the scope of the job and are due and payable upon completion of the job and receipt of the invoice.  Incidental costs such as postage, stationary, special supplies or equipment will be invoiced to the client on their normal statement. A Rush or Urgent Fee of $40.00 will be assessed at the discretion of OS4U for projects requiring special service.  Statements/Invoices are sent on the last day of each month with payment received no later than the 10th of the following month.  OS4U reserves the right to charge a late fee of $40.00 for each payment not received by the 10th of the month.  Three (3) consecutive months of late payments will result in termination of the contract between client and OS4U.  Payments are requested by check or credit card through PayPal.  Checks may be mailed to 1700 Agnes Street, Marietta, GA  30008.

Office Hours and Contact

Due to the nature of our business our team works long hours each week meeting deadlines but generally 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.  Our preferred method of contact is by email or text message.  We will gladly accept phone calls during working hours only and will return phone calls each day as time allows.  Vacation notice will be given 2 weeks in advance of our absence and our office will be closed.  However, we will be checking email once a day and will respond upon need.  Our office will be closed for the following holidays; Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Friday after, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Years’ Eve at 12:00pm noon and New Years’ Day.

Agreement of Terms and Conditions

The Client understands that this partnership will be a collaborative, professional relationship where mutual respect, courtesy, and consideration are expected.  The terms and conditions of this Agreement may be changed as necessary and is the responsibility of each party to inform the other party immediately by written notice in order to maintain the strength and quality of the business relationship.  By signing this Agreement, you indicate that you understand, agree to and accept the terms and conditions as contained herein.  Both parties agree that this partnership shall remain in effect until such time as the Client or OS4U provides written notice of termination and all money earned before the termination date will be paid in a timely manner by Client.



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