Office Solutions 4 U handles every detail in the contract through closing transaction. You don't need to worry about the details by choosing the plan below that best fits your needs. Plus, we are short sale experienced.

Basic $125.00

  • Review contract by looking for all signatures, dates, etc.
  • Review for any missing documents for compliance requirements
  • Notify agent of any irregularities/non-compliance
  • Complete FMLS Notice of Contract #117 with confirmation emailed to Agent
  • Upload contract and all required documents to the Agent's office
  • Complete and Submit commission documentation through Agent's office
  • Change Status in FMLS and GA MLS (Listing Agent only)
  • Send all documents pertaining to closing to necessary parties by preferred method
  • Obtain a copy of the Homeowner's Association Covenants and Restrictions, if necessary
  • Order Home Warranty with requested company and email information to Agent and Closing Attorney
  • Coordinate with All Parties to Schedule Closing
  • Send email to Buyer's Agent and Buyer with directions to closing attorney's office and a list of all necessary items to bring to closing
  • Obtain a copy of the HUD from the Agent along with any other documentation needed/required
  • Upload HUD and all required documents to the Agent's office
  • Complete FMLS Notice of Closing #118 with confirmation emailed to Agent
  • Change Status in GA MLS (Listing Agent only)
  • Notify Agent by email that the contract and closing has been processed


Enhanced $225.00

  • All Items in Basic Package
  • Create checklist with all deadlines and special stipulations listed and send to Agent
  • Contact mortgage company to verify that a Pre-Qualification letter has been issued, loan application has been made, appraisal ordered, and that all have been sent to the closing attorney
  • Order termite letter, if applicable
  • Confirm loan status documentation
  • Check with Agent to be sure all contingencies and stipulations are handled with deadlines
  • Obtain a copy of Homeowner's insurance policy and email to all parties
  • Check status with Lender and Closing Attorney weekly and email all parties with status update
  • Confirm with Closing Attorney that all amendments have been received
  • Notify all parties that we are contact person for anything pertaining to closing
  • Set advance reminders for client pertaining to all upcoming deadlines and ensure deadlines are met. Notify agent of any discrepancies.
  • Schedule home inspection and notify all parties
  • Secure all Utility information and send by email to all parties
  • Set up time for Final Walk-Through and notify all parties
  • Obtain preliminary HUD before closing and send by email to Agent for review


	All payments due for services rendered upon receipt of invoice whether closed or not.                          

Within 6 months of securing my real estate license, I became too busy to do the important clerical duties that support every agent's income. Gina Bell's ability to work with me on hours and work flow made it all work. Another benefit has been her flexibility. She did the work I needed done quickly & efficiently. When I was selected Rookie of the Year in 2007, I felt that having Gina as my assistant was a huge part of that success.

Kathy Reynolds, Realtor
Solid Source Realty
Kennesaw, GA


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